Genomic-Enhanced Estimated Breeding Values (GEBVs) Concepts & Principles

Below are documents that were developed to provide a better understanding of GEBVs and the concepts and principles behind their use.

 Understanding EBVs
a summary article on understanding the basics of Estimated Breeding Values (Provided by the Katahdin NSIP (kNSIP) Steering Committee)

Understanding EBVs

Glossary of Important Terms and Concepts
The true value of EBVs rest with the full understanding of relevant terms and concepts.  Some definitions are very straightforward while others are complex and require a lengthy explanation.

Glossary of Terms

Frequently Asked Questions
This document addresses a host of questions that are frequently posed by members and expands on the use of EBVs in general.  It gives practical advice on how flocks can use EBV’s to improve flock performance, individual sheep production, ewe efficiency, and the accuracy of trait selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Sheep Estimated Breeding Values
This document addresses the theory behind EBVs, and the statistical accuracy of EBVs. (Reid Redden, North Dakota State University, October 2012)

Understanding Sheep EBVs

Genomics 101: Building for the Future
This is a slide deck from Dr. Ron Lewis’ presentation at the 2019 KHSI EXPO. (Ron Lewis, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, August 2019)

Genomics 101 Slide Deck