Regional Clubs

Below is a list of regional Katahdin organizations that serve to mentor breeders, provide camaraderie, and promote the breed at the local level. These organizations are standalone, and not formally affiliated with KHSI, but often KHSI works in conjunction with these clubs to sponsor events.

Katahdin Regional Education Grant (KREG) Program

KHSI offers grants to regional clubs to reimburse for expenses related to educational endeavors.


In order to assist KHSI member organizations with a)regional promotion of Katahdins through education of potential buyers, b) education of Katahdin breeders and c) increasing sales of breeding and market animals, KHSI will make available to regional groups, on a competitive basis, grants for promotion and/or educational activities.

Use of Funds:

Funds can be used for regional meeting expenses, regional sales and/or promotional events (advertising, facility, speakers). Proposals will be evaluated for their impact on assisting KHSI in the promotion of Katahdins, education of Katahdin breeders and increased marketing of breeding stock and market animals.

Available Funds:

Funds are available on a matching funds basis only.  KHSI will fund 75% of the total grant budget with the regional group funding the remaining 25%. Funds can be used for meals, speaker expenses, and venue expenses. There will be a maximum of one grant per organization per year.

Reporting and Accountability:

One-half of the award will be paid to the organization on approval of the proposal and should be submitted 60 days prior to the event. The remainder will be paid 30 days post event after submission of the final report.

How to Apply:

To apply for a Katahdin Regional Education Grant, submit a proposal (guidelines below) to:

Katahdin Regional Education Grant (KREG) Program

KHSI Operations

P O Box 739

Fowlerville, MI 48836

717-335-8280 ext 1

Email submissions are preferred sent to [email protected]