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UPDATED  5/29/2023

Wanted – Katahdin Sheep


Wanted to BuyFlorida

In search of a high quality registered Katahdin NSIP ram with existing progeny data for FEC, WWT, PWWT for new NSIP member flock. Must have good FEC and growth ranking, and ideally RR. Samantha Musho – DeLeon Springs, Florida (239) 565-7768 [email protected]


Wanted to Buy – Dominican Republic

Looking to buy 4 registered pregnant or ready to conceive lambs. 1 100% kathadin lamb registered for pimp. With high health protocols ready for international shipping to the Dominican Republic. I am also willing to receive proposals. Don Pilote Ranch – Santiago de los caballeros, Santiago – Dominican Republic (829) 977-5123 [email protected]


Wanted to Buy – Western Pennsylvania

Looking to purchase a small “starter” flock of Katahdins. I am located in Western Pennsylvania and am capable of transportation, the closer the better. My plans are to have a commercial flock, I prefer to start with registered, however I would not be against a solid, traceable commercial flock. Performance Programs are a plus but not a necessity. Thank you. Larry Mitcheltree – Lawrence County, Pennsylvania [email protected] Cell-724 977 5845


For Sale – Katahdin Sheep


For Sale – Central Florida

Registered ewe lambs and yearling rams available. Parasite resistant flock with excellent mothering ability. Housed and lambed on pasture year round in central FL, supplemented with high protein creep feed. Sires/grandsires are RR Hound River rams. KRK and JM also in pedigrees. Three full Katahdin ewe lambs and two yearling Katahdin rams. Also have two 75% Katahdin/25% Texel ewe lambs available. Twin ewe lambs are 85-90lbs at 4 months old. Ewe lambs $400. Yearling rams $500. Flock participates in UF Ram Test and NSIP. Oakvale Farm Katahdins – DeLeon Springs, Florida (239) 565-7768 [email protected] 


For Sale – Northwest Arkansas

15 Registered Ram Lambs being weaned right now. They will be ready to go by June 15.
Born March 2023. I have been a practicing Large Animal Veterinarian for 39 years and have raised Katahdins over 30 years. I have worked with the University of Arkansas Animal Science Parasitology Department for over 15 years developing a parasite resilient flock. Various colors available. $600.
thedri[email protected] 870-577-2287 Thank you, Dr Beverly Chevallier 


For Sale – Southern Idaho

Sale of this chocolate brown ram lamb fell through, he is my largest and best looking ram lamb of the season. He can be registered, was born in March 2023, and has never been fed grain. His sire, also chocolate brown, is one of the best tempered rams I have ever owned, he has never shown any aggression. $350.00. Bakers Acres – Buhl, ID (541) 570-5737 [email protected] 


For Sale – Southwest Virginia

Commercial replacement ewe lambs available (Qty 11) born between December 2022 – February 2023. $350 each. Local pick up only. Please contact for additional information. Double O Farms LLC – Chilhowie, VA 540-735-7225 [email protected]


For Sale – Northwest New York

Three registered yearling rams are available now. Pasture born and raised (hay in the winter, minerals, no grain, no creep) 150-200 lbs $600-700. May born ewe and ram lambs will be available at weaning August 2023, $500. We record birth, 60, and 90 day weights and select for fast growth on pasture, short strong pasterns that give us good feet, and parasite resistance. Whole flock OPP tested negative 4/23. We regularly screen for OPP, Johnes, and CL. Pre-purchase genotyping and health testing is available. TIM Farms – Spencerport, NY (585) 694-0337  [email protected] 


For Sale – Central Tennessee

Proven Ram born March 2018. Condon 171 RR. Caney Creek Ghost Rider, sired by KDK Cenerfire. Has been a great producer for us but it is time to find a new home. Leads and stand quietly for hoof trims.
Price $400. Belfair Farm – Lawrenceburg, TN (931) 231-9397 [email protected] 


For Sale – Southeast Georgia

Ewe Lambs (15 Qty) & Ram Lambs (11 Qty) for Sale in Mauk, GA. Beautiful & Assorted colors. All born end of April – May 2023. Could be picked up upon weaning approx. late June 2023 . Dams & Sires are all registered with KHSI. ( Dams percentage range from 75-100%, Sires are 100%) Ram & Ewe Lambs can be registered. Ram/Ewe lamb price range between $300-$350.00 depending which you choose. Local pick up or we will coordinate with your transportation company. We will also have registered and proven Ewes (18 Qty) and Rams (2 Qty) available for sale ($400-$450) – born between 2018-20. Please contact us for additional information. Hoofin Around Ranch – Mauk, GA 786-897-3279 [email protected]


For Sale – Northeast Missouri

100+ Katahdin commercial ewe lambs. Born Feb.-March 2023. 14 years of selecting for parasite resistance and tolerance and fescue tolerance. Descended from the number 1 rams from Virginia Tech ram test from 2013 and 2014. Many are descendants of a cross with the 2 best Cracker rams out of SARE grant study GS17-173. These are some of the most parasite resistant and tolerant ewe lambs available. $400 per head. James Lovelace – 2632 Twin Valley Rd. Troy MO 63379 636 358-8604  [email protected] 


For Sale – North Central Kentucky

Registered ewe lambs of Jan-Feb, 2023. Good bone, good conformation, mostly white with black feet. Twins and triplets out of excellent dams who are parasite resistant and RR. Pick up at farm. $400. Windfell Farm – Smithfield, Kentucky (502) 649-5564 [email protected] 


For Sale – Central Ohio

2 registered Katahdin ram lambs. KORAK bloodline. Operation includes ABC free choice minerals,
Hay/pasture ONLY, NO GRAIN. Need to sell by end of June. We can transport! LOOKING TO SELL, Trade for Katahdin EWES. Minnick Family Farm LLC – Jamestown, Ohio (513) 401-4143 [email protected] 


For Sale – Northwest Illinois

Ram and ewe lambs for sale. All born February 2023, weaned and given first round of shots. Commercial and registered available prices range from $225 to $450 depending on what your looking for. A&M Habben Farms – Chadwick, IL (309) 281-9213 


For Sale – Northeast Ohio

Two Ram Lambs for sale, born end of March 2023 and could be picked up by July – Can be registered as 100% Katahdin RR upon request. Our flock is 100% grass fed and rotationally grazed with salt + kelp as minerals. Lambs were birthed without assistance and all Ewes had good maternal instincts. Southgate Farm LLC – North Canton, Ohio (330) 208-3324 [email protected] 


For Sale – Eastern Kentucky

Flock Sire for sale, he is 2.5 years old and has proven his time on our farm by giving us many great twins, his lamb weights are really good wean weights average around 45lbs and post wean weight gains are average 20-30lbs in 90 days. The only reason we are selling him is that there are more ewes that he cannot breed with than can after this year. He is all white and can be handled. Our farm is all grass fed, rotationally grazed, and he is used to electric fences. He has never had hoof problems, nor needed any de-wormer. asking $1000 obo. 2023 Ram lambs available soon (born April). Have multiple that are all white, and some with really nice colorings. We have an all black ram lamb, and a dark chocolate with white head. There two that have tri- color markings. We have pics of all rams available, and postings on our facebook and website. Asking $400 for ram lambs. Genesis Family Farm – Olive Hill, Kentucky  (434) 282-7998  [email protected]


For Sale – North Central Arkansas

Four Full Katahdin Ram Lambs for sale, registered and transferred at sale. $400 each. Possible delivery. 
Out of quality stock bred for parasite resistance and growth on forage. Sire for first three lambs is a University of Arkansas Research Farm raised ram and the sire for #062311 is out of a Luzon Farm ram in Bonnots Hill Mo. All rams are around 60 days old. 312309 Twin ,white with spots, Birth Weight 13.22 lbs,
.7 lbs/day gain, black feet.   312310 Twin, White with spots, Birth Weight 11.3lbs, .65lbs/gain, black feet. 122304 Twin, Red, Birth Weight 10.46lbs, .66lbs/day gain, black and tan feet. 062311 Single, Grey Brown, Birth Weight 11lbs, .8lbs/day gain, black feet.  Crooked Gate Farm – Onia, Arkansas (870) 495-5057  [email protected] 


For Sale – Central Washington

Three ram lambs that are available in June. All of our lambs have been handled everyday since birth so they are very used to human interactions. So far, we have not seen any aggressive behavior towards us from and of the rams. All ram lambs will be, weaned, dewormed and vaccinated. White coat, spotted – $400. Pure white coat – $450, Chocolate coat – $500. Jayson Hills – East Wenatchee, Washington (509) 670-0304 [email protected] 


For Sale – Southwest Ohio

One year old ram Born 4-2-22. Black with some white. $350. 9 new lambs Born: April 19th through May 1st. 9 ewes mixed white and red. Can be registered. Ewes $350. New lambs available after June 20th. Jim Wetzel, Arcanum, OH. Call or text 479-301-7184


For Sale – North Central Pennsylvania

Registered and Commercial Ewe and Ram lambs. All lambs are in the scrapie program. All registered lambs are RR codon and 100% purebred. The commercial animals are all registerable at grade. All lambs were born between 03/20/23 and 04/25/23. I currently have 7 Ram Lambs and 23 Ewe Lambs. Registered Ewe lambs – $395/each. Commercial Ewe Lambs – $365/each. Registered Ram Lambs – $385/each. Commercial Ram Lambs – $360/each. ATC Family Farm LP – Columbia Crossroads, Pennsylvania (267) 530-4327  [email protected]


For Sale – Northern Wisconsin

Registered Katahdin lambs, beautiful and colorful. We have ewe lambs and ram lambs available, born early April 2023; all are twins and triplets, nice thick, fast growing lambs…all friendly …all will be vaccinated w cdt….will be available after weaning…(mid June). Also For Sale is a 2yr old Registered Black and White Ram….excellent genetics…super friendly and excellent producer….he is RR. The only reason I’m selling him is I am keeping a lot of his daughters. Call Susan Gauger – Glen Flora, Wisconsin @ 715-322-5778 


For Sale – Northern Michigan

2023 Katahdin purebred lambs born between 4/8 to 4/22. From registered sire and dams 100% Katahdin from well know farms. Excellent bloodlines. Seeking interest right now as won’t be weened until late June. Four ewes and four rams available at the moment. Will update # available as committed purchases are received. Welcome to view – proven KHSI sire and dams on site. Lambs are $300 each (includes KHSI registration if needed). Pick up in Boyne City MI or we can arrange transport costs anytime after late June. Lynn Whānau Farm is a small-scale specialty family farm focused on healthy raising of purebred Katahdin’s using non-GMO feed and natural practices. We are a very hands-on family farm and know all the animals very well. They are giving the best life possible while in our care! Jeremy Lynn – Boyne City, Michigan (231) 373-6383  [email protected]


For Sale – Central Georgia

Flock for sale. Registered rams sired with commercial ewes. Weaned lambs from December lambing (qty: 23). Ewes without lambs 1-3yrs (qty: 40). Ewes with lambs from February lambing 2-4yrs (qty: 24). Commercial Rams 10-12mo (qty: 18). please contact for price and pictures. Georgia Lamb – Warrenton, Georgia  (786) 359-7230 [email protected] 


For Sale – South Central Montana

Registered 4/23 Katahdin Ram Lambs. Breeding: ADS, VJ, LLL, TRB. Colors and white. Gorgeous big, well built, excellent conformation, quiet temperaments, hardy. Twin and Triplets. Raised on a combination of rangeland and hay pivots. Will be ready to breed this fall. Sired by extremely quiet, beautiful and tough ADS ram. Possibly some ewe lambs available as well. Also available four and five yr old ewes. Excellent mothers, easy lambers, good milk. Agnew Ranch, Big Timber, MT 59011. [email protected]. 406-930-1701


For Sale – Central Florida

Nice registered Katahdin starter flock available. Includes one Hound River ram (NWT 6060), a pregnant ewe, and an open ewe. Both ewes are experienced mothers and have been productive ewes. The ram is highly parasite resistant. He has served us well and we’ve kept most of his offspring. See more information and photos on our website: https://www.oakvale-farm.com/katahdinsforsale Oakvale Farm Katahdins – DeLeon Springs, Florida  [email protected] (239) 565-7768 


For Sale – Central Georgia

Registered Katahdin ram lambs, born Feb. 2023, from great genetics, showing excellent growth, muscular structure, & parasite resistance, some with beautiful colors, $500 each, see pics of our breeding stock at www.sunridgefarms.org, contact Suzanne Kozee, [email protected], 678-877-9860.


For Sale – South Central Kentucky

December 2022 and early 2023 born lambs are available. We have several ram lambs as well as ewe lambs available and more that will be available in June. this year we used two different quality sires that have thrown a good mix of lambs. We have lambs from our flock sire KSP 2102, STU K736, as well as GFS 22202. lambs vary in price depending on pedigree from $400 to $600. We are located in Eastern Kentucky along Interstate 75 in Brodhead. Pickup on farm. Pictures available upon request please text or call with questions. Laswell Farms – Brodhead, KY  (606) 308-1212  [email protected] 


For Sale – Northeast Colorado

2 year old RR registered Ram for sale. He has a great pedigree and offspring are healthy and strong. Grass feed only We are asking $600.00 obo. The newest addition is a beautiful intact ram lamb that is ready for a new home. NOT Bottle feed. Comes from a great pedigree and will be RR. Asking $400.00 obo. LK Ranch – Lochbuie, CO  (720) 394-0016 [email protected] 


For Sale – Northern California

Registered Ewes and Rams for sale. We are have 16 yearling ewes (born Feb 2023), 12 ewes, and 9 Rams (born in Feb 2022) available. Reach out to Carmen Barbot – Stockon, CA (209) 598-2805 [email protected]    webpage: katahdinranch.org



For Sale – Northeast North Dakota

2023 Katahdin Ewe Lambs for sale. Both registered and commercial to pick from. Born March/April and will be weaned in early June and early July so ready to go this summer. Will have 40 to 50 available. $300 for commercial, $350 for registered. Excellent growth and genetics. Contact for pictures and with any other questions you have. Myrvik Farms – Edmore, North Dakota (651) 955-3156 [email protected] 


For Sale – Eastern Texas

Registered Katahdin Ram almost 2 yrs old. All white with freckled brown feet. Throws twins! Very sweet Kind and gentle.$550. Also have one of his ram lambs that has beautiful coloring he is growing well and will be an awesome Breeding ram! He has freckled feet as well and will be ready in June 16, 2023! $475. Can be recorded as 50% Katahdin will be great for adding color to your flock. Very friendly and gentle He’s like a puppy all my sheep are super sweet and handled with lots of TLC. I have a completely white 100% Katahdin ram lamb that will be ready May 4,2023 and can be registered. Sweet kind friendly buddy. Triplet, asking $485. Growing well and fast will be an awesome ram for your Flock! Please Text me @ 903-251-9853 if you are interested and would like pictures of these rams or want more details on rams. Hannah Barth – Gilmer, Texas [email protected] 


For Sale – Southwest Iowa

Katahdin 8-10 week old ram and ewe lambs which can be registered. Condon 171, THEM154 tested. Many colors to choose from. Negotiated delivery available. NSIP member. Scrapie Program. Open yearling ewes and yearling rams are also available. Call 712-579-4906 for more information. JJ’s Katahdin Sheep Farm – Defiance, Iowa  [email protected] 


For Sale – Southwest Alabama

Ram for sale WVF 2-1160. We are keeping his ewe lambs and a replacement ram lamb. He was born 2/18/22, Codon 171 QR, his NSIP number is 6400052022WVF160. He was genomic tested and came back 1,1 (rarely susceptible) for OPP susceptibility. This ram has given us no issues and has been on nothing but grass and mix grass hay since we got him. Asking $1000 obo, located in North Alabama. Bama Lamb Ranch – Joppa, AL  (256) 502-2482  [email protected] 


For Sale – Northern Iowa

13 first time lambing Katahdin yearling ewes. They were exposed on Dec.6 2022 to a registered ram. Should be lambing in about a month. They are all nice, healthy looking sheep. Asking $350 a head. Call and text for more information, Matthew Fjone – Rockwell, Iowa  641/420-3802  [email protected] 


For Sale – Central North Carolina

Two 3-yr old proven registered Katahdin Rams with NSIP data. Purchased as lambs in 2020 from Triple L Farms in Waynesboro, VA for breeding a low-input commercial flock. These are great performing rams with above average genetic traits. 100% pasture raised and grass fed. Asking price $1,000 each obo.
TLF20017 – NSIP ID: 6400442020TLF017. Born 2/12/2020 (top 15% in parasite resistance)
TLF20054 – NSIP ID: 6400442020TLF054. Born 2/20/2020 (top 3% is growth traits

Okfuskee Farm – Siler City, NC  (919) 200-3387 [email protected] 


For Sale – Northwest New York

Ram Lamb for sale, Scrapie Program, 8 months old born July 2022, Transportation negotiable, Sire and Dam on site. Pictures at customer request. $500 non – registered and $550.00 Registered. LIsa Mellors – Hamlin, NY (585) 255-0702 [email protected] 


For Sale – Central Texas

Registered Katahdin ram lambs available in Central Texas mid to late June 2023. We run only registered Katahdin ewes and NSIP breeder rams. 13 ram lambs born March 2023 available – white, brown, or mixed color patterns. Serious inquiries Email request for photos. $425 each, discounts for purchase of 5 or more. Delivery available with first 50 miles free and $2.25 per loaded mile thereafter. We own/operate a coffee roastery and provide 1 free bag of coffee with each ram purchased. Contact [email protected]. Text 3257926818 if RoboKiller phone app blocks your call


Katahdin Plus Ewe Listing



Les Hartman – Mills Valley Katahdins

#Head available:  80 ewe lambs       

KHSI Sires:   RMF 238 171322           RMF 257 171323      RMF 251 171323

3364 Mill Valley Blvd, Mansfield, Missouri 65706
[email protected]




Robert Manning – Mannering Sheep Farm

#Head available:  28 ewe lambs       

KHSI Sires:   CSG 033  176907

650 NW State Rt 13, Warrensburg, Missouri 64093
[email protected]




Wanted – Livestock Protection Animals


Wanted – Central Ohio

Looking for young LIVESTOCK GUARDIAN DOG. Either one or siblings. Have Registered Katahdin Ram Lambs or Registered Berkshire Piglets for possible trade. Minnick Family Farm LLC – Jamestown, OH (513) 401-4143 [email protected] 



For Sale – Livestock Protection Animals


For Sale – Northwest Montana

AKC Registered Great Pyrenees Puppies (livestock guardian dogs) born 3/20/23. Three males and six females. Raised with Katahdin sheep, cows and young children; exposed to horses, cats and guinea fowl. They will be ready to go to their own homes May 15. They will be up-to-date on vaccinations and de-worming before leaving and will receive an initial vet exam between 6-7 weeks of age. $1200. Windy Hollow Homestead – Arlee, MT  (706) 614-5076  [email protected] 




For Sale – Herding Dogs


Sheep Equipment