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UPDATED 5/21/2024

Wanted – Katahdin Sheep

Wanted to Buy – Southern Central Oklahoma

Looking to purchase 30-50 bred or breeding aged Katahdin ewes (with or without lambs), yearling ewes, or a mixture that will be ready to breed back by spring. Would prefer registered or purebred stock from a regenerative grass fed program that aligns with ours. Willing to travel for the right stock. Double Bar H – Stratford, Oklahoma (580) 759-9025 [email protected]

Wanted to Buy – Southern North Carolina

Looking for a registered ram lamb for our FFA Chapters show team and breeding our ewes. Located in Asheville, NC. Enka FFA – Candler, NC (704) 437-4782 [email protected]

Wanted to Buy – Southwest Ohio

I’m starting a flock! Katahdin sheep. Looking for well managed sheep please contact me by text message at 740-672-6137. Ryan’s enterprise – South Salem, OH [email protected]

For Sale – Katahdin Sheep

For Sale – Northeast Indiana

Registered Katahdin Ram Lamb born 4/6/24. He is all white. He is scrapie genotype “RR”. He will be ready for pick up 6/1. $425    Franklin Farm Katahdins – Albion, Indiana 46701 260-229-7589


For Sale – North Central Pennsylvania

Katahdin Lambs born between 03/12/24 and 05/02/24. 26 Ram Lambs, 32 Ewe Lambs
Most are registerable 100% Katahdin a few are only recordable at 50%. $250 for Ram Lambs(not registered), $275 for Ram lambs (Registered). $300 Ewe Lambs (Not Registered), $325 for Ewe Lambs (Registered). Special Markings are additional $50 due to rarity. ATC Family Farm LP – Columbia Crossroads, Pennsylvania (267) 530-4327 [email protected]


For Sale – South Central Kentucky

12 Registered, RR , structurally correct ewe lambs born Jan-Feb, 2024. Selected for performance on pasture, good feet, superior parasite resistance. Out of excellent dams and outstanding ram. Windfell Farm – Smithfield, Kentucky (502) 649-5564 [email protected]


For Sale – Northwest Montana

Four year old registered Katahdin ram from HSS dairy bloodlines. We are keeping several daughters out of him. Codon 171 RR. Herd tested disease free in 2022. Pictures of ram and daughters available upon request. Buyer is responsible for transportation. Can deliver/meet within 100 miles for travel expenses. Windy Hollow Homestead – Arlee, Montana (406) 871-5681 [email protected] 


For Sale – Central Michigan

Katahdin Commercial Ewes for Sale. Katahdin ewe lambs and yearlings, experienced ewes, and bred ewes for sale. Misty Lane Farm – Stockbridge, MI (517) 589-8159 [email protected]


For Sale – West Central Tennessee

1 registered and 2 commercial(purebred) proven 5 year-old Katahdin ewes. 2 are possibly bred for July lambs. The other one has been exposed to a ram and would be due end of May. If not bred she will be exposed to a ram with ABT genetics for fall lambs. Asking $275 for the commercial ewes and $350 for the registered ewe. Ewes are on grass in two strand electric fence. Located 1 hour west of Nashville TN. Text for more info and pictures. Shady Spring –  Hurricane Mills, TN 423-315-1698.


For Sale – West Central Tennessee

3 ewe lambs and 1 ram lamb available in June. Ram and 1 ewe is registerable. The other two are commercial(can be recorded). They are mostly white. Two have some black dots/speckles. 100% grassfed. Asking $200 each OBO. Located 1 hour west of Nashville TN. Text for more info and pictures. Shady Spring –  Hurricane Mills, TN  423-315-1698 


For Sale – Minnesota

30 pure bred Feb. born Katahdin ewe lambs. Up to date with cdt shots and vaccinated for Cl. Closed flock, ready to go June 1st. $300.00 a piece. Ram lambs also available. Thanks for looking! Brian Lenzen – Chaska, MN (952) 212-8649  [email protected] 


For Sale – Central North Carolina

Spring 2024 ram lambs– 4 to be registered as 100% and 2 will not be registered (Mom 50% and Dad 100%) All born the first week of April 2024. Mixture of colors available. Will begin weaning the first week of June and will be available for pickup/meet end of June 2024. Genetics from Hound River in GA
100% Registered- $400, Non-Registered- $300. Nikki McLendon, Mount Gilead, North Carolina 27306. Call or text (704)-294-1190


For Sale – Northern Indiana

Registered Jan. 2024 ram lamb. QR. ‘Red Haute ‘and ‘Code Red’ bloodline. $500
Picture available upon request. Naomi Enamorado – Bremen, Indiana. [email protected]


For Sale – Southwest Ohio

17 lambs born March 19/April 2-2024. Mixture of colors. 10 ewes $350 each. 7 rams $400 each. All can be registered. Available May 15th. Jim Wetzel, Arcanum, Ohio 45304. Call or text (479) 301-7184


For Sale – Southeast Tennessee

5 January Ewes, 3 February Ewes, 3 March Ewes, 2 January Rams, 3 February Rams, & 1 March Ram all of 2024. All registered and all with lots of color from black to white to spotted. These lambs are all great for any size of operations. The Ewes range in price from $450 to $600 and the Rams from $700 to $1200. Give me a call at anytime and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We will work on trucking if needed all those details will be discussed if a purchase is to be made. Will sell all January lambs now and February lambs start May 7 and March lambs June 1. Denney Hill Farm – Pikeville, TN (423) 290-9309 


For Sale – Southeast Indiana

15 Purebred commercial ewe lambs born November 2023.
$300 choice or $250 for all. Nice set of lambs.
20-30 Jan 2024 ewe lambs, Registered and commercial. $300 choice.
Lots of color in this great group of lambs.
20 Commercial ewes being bred for fall lambs. $300 choice.
Registered Jan 2024 ram lambs $400 choice. AM Star Katahdins – Vevay, IN 812-599-3930 [email protected] 

For Sale – Central Maryland

2 Registered RR twin lambs. Born Feb 2024. Ewe $400. Ram $350.
4 commercial ewe lambs. Born Feb 2024 to Registered RR dams. $250 ea.
1 commercial ram lamb. Born March 2024 to Registered RR dam. $200.
Pictures available upon request. Jaclyn Yencha, Harrogate West, Sykesville, MD. [email protected], 410-262-5599


For Sale – Eastern Kentucky

Whole flock dispersal of registered Katahdins. Flock contains around 42 registered ewes, 78 lambs, 3 mature rams, and 2 yearling rams. All but 1 ram have completed SWAREC testing and ram that didn’t is USDA purchased from the expo instead of SWAREC. Farm is enrolled in NSIP, participates yearly in SWAREC, and breeds for growth and parasite resistance. R and R Katahdins – Wellington, Kentucky (606) 768-3847


For Sale – Eastern Kentucky

Commercial and registered Katahdin ram lambs. All out of registered Katahdin rams and in NSIP. We breed for weight gain and parasite resistance. One sire is in top 10 for NSIP growth traits and another sire is out of a ram in top 10 NSIP parasite resistance traits. Located in Frenchburg KY. Will be ready as of May 18. $250 for commercial, $400 for registered. Reed’s Family Farm – Frenchburg, Kentucky (859) 274-6319 [email protected] 


For Sale – Southwest Virginia

Complete dispersal of productive twin producing purebred Katahdin (enclosed) flock. SWVA Where I-77 and I-81 cross.  Breeding focus since 2011: worm resistance, low epg, strong maternals, super mothering instincts (not one bottle lamb or rejection), ample rich milk, solid rate of gain, top genetic markers for pneumonia resistance. No scurs. Clean farm, healthy animals. (3) 2020 ewes, (4) 2022 ewes, (5) yearling ewes, (6) Feb. 2024 ewe lambs. (18 ewes/lambs, (2) 2022 rams. Total Head count 20. RR & QR. The 11 young ewes are out of NSIP – RR- Roxanne Newton bred ram, heavy body, muscular, and passing it on to his lambs. The second ram -RR- bred by Mandy and Dr. Fletcher is a finisher of the VA Tech Ram Test to be used this fall. ($9500) 276-920-2789 (75 min.) to KY, WVA, NC, TN. P/up May 15 thru June 2. Call or email pls. Old Stage Farm – Wytheville, VA [email protected] 


For Sale – New York

Ram born 1-15-2021. He is proven ram. He is RR and registered. He is hay and grass feed only, electric fence trained, rotational grazing. He has a whether friend he stays with when he is not with our breeding stock. He is looking for a new pasture to grazed and new ewes to meet. Hamlin NY If interested send message. Pictures and video on request. Lisa Mellors (585) 255-0702  [email protected] 


For Sale – Northern Utah

Registered katahdin lambs as starter flocks. We have 12 ewe lambs and 3 ram lambs available in July. All born between March 31 and April 15, 2024. Great genetics to choose from 2 different Ram lines. Buyer to pick up. Located in northern Utah. $400 ewes when purchasing at least 4. $1,000 per Ram lamb. Ten Acre Farms – Logan, UT (435) 757-0896 [email protected] 


For Sale – Central Pennsylvania

2 Registered January Born Katahdin Ram Lambs. 1 pure white (single) and 1 pure brown (twin). Ranch genetics. 6 Registered January/February Born Ewe Lambs (all twins). Rotationally grazed/parasite resistant flock management. Creep fed/weaned and ready to find new homes. CMG and Tory Creek Ranch genetics. Photos available of lambs and parental registration papers. Call or text Kim at 814-599-4174. Woodcock Hollow Farm – James Creek, Pennsylvania [email protected] 


For Sale – Northwest Arkansas

10 ram lambs born March/April 2024 that will be ready to go July/August. Registered, sire is RR, various colors. I have been a large animal Veterinarian for 40 years, have raised sheep for over 35 years, and I have worked with the University of Arkansas Parasitology Dept for over 12 years to develop a Parasite Resilient Flock. $600 each with a deposit of $100 to hold one. Pictures and Papers available upon request.
(870)577-2287 cell (870)429-5299 home and office. [email protected]  Beverly Chevallier, DVM, CTCVMP


For Sale – Southeast Arizona

8 commercial Katadhin ewe lambs ($225) and 2 pure bred, registerable ram lambs ($300) available. 6 commercial ewes available May 1st and remaining ewes and pure bred ram lambs available June 15. All sired by KHSI 113181 Ram “Southern Meat”. Contact for pictures and more information. Bryce Brothers – Thatcher, AZ (817) 600-3343 [email protected] 


For Sale – Central Oklahoma

3 registered ram lambs. Born early February 2024; white or white with a few spots. Vaccinated with CDT. Our primary goal is to breed for parasite resistance, we keep track/eliminate any that need more than 1 worming per year. Our secondary goal are self-reliant sheep: they do well on prairie grass with supplement in winter. Dams are excellent mothers with great milk supply. $250 – farm pickup only.
Contact us for pictures or questions: Regina & Ryan Hill – Stroud, OK  (405) 473-6580  [email protected] 


For Sale – Northwest Ohio

Five ram lambs and four ewe lambs for sale. They were born between January-March. They are registered and are all scrapie genotype RR. We raise our sheep grass fed only, and breed for great mothering ability, good parasite resistance and muscular and fast growing lambs. The ram lambs will be ready to be sold the end of April. Three of the four ewe lambs won’t be able to be sold till the end of August and the other ewe lamb will be ready to be sold the beginning of June. Asking $425 and up. Heaven’s Sunshine Acres – Rossburg, OH. (937) 569-9174 [email protected] 


For Sale – Virginia

30 Registered ewes with March born lambs at side, 1 Registered ram. Alfred Miller – Jonesville, VA. 276/832-1830


For Sale – South Central Kentucky

45 Commercial Ewe Lambs. Sired by registered rams, born January through March. $225/head. Willy Byler – Mumfordsville, KY 270/537-1896


For Sale – Northwest Arkansas

Yearling wethers born April 2024, ready to go August/September. Grass-fed and finished. 40-60 pounds hanging weight. $450 slaughtered and boxed to be picked up. If interested, a deposit of $150 will hold one. [email protected] (870)577-2287 cell (870)429-5299 office/home. Beverly Chevallier, DVM, CTCVMP Grassfed in the Ozarks, Chevallier Ranch


Katahdin Plus Ewe Listing

Wanted – Livestock Protection Animals

For Sale – Livestock Protection Animals

For Sale – Herding Dogs

Sheep Equipment

Sheep Transport


Central Iowa

Sheep hauling available, primarily Midwest region, pickup and gooseneck trailer only. Any number 1-100 depending on animal size, seed stock producers, commercial producers. Cost is at a loaded per mile basis unless determined before hand. Will haul farm to farm or to sale barns. South River Farms. Call or text 515-238-3508